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Mostly Vegan Take-out (Indian Buffett) March 31, 2014

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A quick fix for those that can leave their posts at lunch time is the always amazing Indian buffett at your local Indian restaurant.  Usually about half the menu is vegetarian (though not necessarily vegan).  This dish included Chana Saga (spinach and chick peas), an amazing sweet and spicy cauliflower combo, a mashed sweetened carrot dessert that included some milk (I plan on making an attempt at veganizing it as soon as I find the time and will power to cook…hey, I’m one of the few, the proud, and the lazyl!).  Thanks to my good friend and co-worker for suggesting we pig out to this coma inducing tantric tongue treat!



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I’m hosting a giveaway on my other blog, Crafternoon Tea, for some key fobs that I made. You should enter.


We’re Famous! March 26, 2014

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Look who was featured as blog of the week:



Eat Atlanta: How to Make Vegan Mac and Cheese on YouTube March 25, 2014

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Really wanna try this imitation cheese recipe…maybe use steamed zucchini noodles (made from my new Paderno Spiralizer) instead of traditional pasta…


Tempeh meatballs January 2, 2014

My husband made the tempeh meatballs from the newest Isa Chandra book yesterday. Oh my goodness, they were amazing! We tweeked the recipe a bit – we used gluten free panko instead of regular breadcrumbs, and my husband used spices I liked better than regular Italian ones (I’m so picky!).

My son gobbled them up. Bea ate one bite.

But today, I made some stir fry veggies, rice, the cashew queso from the Isa book (also amazing!), and added the leftover tempeh balls. So, so good!!


My kids both loved the sauce – I can’t wait to try it with nachos…I think I know what’s for lunch tomorrow!!


I love you Isa Chandra!! December 31, 2013

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So, for Christmas my husband bought me the newest Isa Chandra book, Isa Does It!. I was kind of scared at first, because even though I usually love all her recipes, I now have gluten issues – and a daughter who dreams of being a junkatarian. (I didn’t invent junkatarian, my friend Deva did, it’s fabulous!).

I shouldn’t have worried.

The first recipe I made was the cheddary broccoli soup. I had to, I miss panera broccoli cheese soup a lot. And you know what? This was better! We all loved it, even my picky non-vegetable eating daughter had two bowls and asked me to make it again. It is definitely going into rotation at my house!!

The next recipe I tried wasn’t so much in her book as inspired by it, I made a bowl – basmati rice, stir fry veggies and tofu with a nutritional yeast sauce.


It was super good. I now can’t decide if I want this or the soup every single night.

Then –

I made the farmhouse salad. Potatoes, smokey chickpeas and a yummy avocado dressing…yes please.


The chickpeas alone are amazing! My kids weren’t so into this, they thought the dressing was a little too garlicky, but my husband and I loved it. And there’s more than enough dressing to use as a sauce for my next bowl – probably tomorrow night.


WTF?! Wednesday: The Luther Burger October 16, 2013

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A favorite scene of mine from the Boondocks (from the brilliant mind of Aaron McGruder):

Run away from this travesty!  Run far, far away!



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